Running Cherokee

There are several ways you can run Cherokee:

  1. Automatic start: this makes use of the mechanism offered by your OS that should have been configured when Cherokee was installed. It will run making use of the cherokee.conf present in your system.

  2. Guardian wrapper: The cherokee program comes as a standard part of the Cherokee bundle. It is a security mechanism that ensures Cherokee’s recovery in case of any system failure and wraps the calls to cherokee-worker. This is what is actually launched when Cherokee is automatically started.

  3. Stand alone instance: Cherokee supports a series of parameters to launch it from the command line. Refer to the the appropriate documentation section about cherokee-worker to see the complete list of optional arguments.

  4. Cherokee-Admin: The administration web interface allows you to configure and launch Cherokee. This is probably where you want to start if you have just installed the web server. Launch the cherokee-admin process and follow the Quickstart section of the documentation.